ERIS PARFUMS featured in NYLON (May 2017)


ERIS PARFUMS showcased at sell-out NYC Perfume Salon hosted by The Dry Down (April 2017)

On April 26, 2017, ERIS PARFUMS' founder and creative director Barbara Herman introduced "La Belle et la Bête" collection and "Scent & Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume" to a packed house of perfume lovers at the first Dry Down Live Perfume Salon at the Arlo Nomad Hotel in Manhattan. The event, curated by Helena Fitzgerald and Rachel Syme, sold out in less than a day and featured perfume tarot, the launch of a new scent, and presentations on perfume history, how to wear scent, and how to match fragrance to memory. Pictures from the event (by Sylvie Rosokoff) can be viewed here.


ERIS PARFUMS "Belle de Jour" announced as a Finalist in the Independent category of the upcoming Art and Olfaction Awards (March 2017):


BELLE DE JOUR Eau de Parfum was announced as a Finalist in the Independent Category of the upcoming Art and Olfaction Awards, selected from hundreds of perfumes submitted by brands in 33 countries. The Art and Olfaction Awards celebrate excellence in global independent, artisan and experimental perfumery. The Finalists were announced at “Esxence - The Scent of Excellence” in Milan on 23 March 2017 - the leading international event dedicated to Artistic Perfumery. The Winners will be announced in Berlin on 6 May 2017. View official press release here.


SCENTURY Magazine:


"Spring is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine,” author Frances Hodgson Burnett once said of the year’s primal season. With that in mind, we’ve chosen the 12 perfect fragrances to carry you into spring 2017. As the weather changes on a whim, sentiments seesaw, hormones stir and new doors close as others open, we bring you these picks in our latest edition of olfactive stories, complemented by our exclusive images. Let there be spring!


"The sea doesn’t smell at all at sub-zero. Whether molecules don’t travel well in winter or the nose is too cold to do its job, I never really figured that out. All I know is that when that iodine aroma of seaweed crawls up my nose, spring is here. And so is Mme Dubois with her feathered hats and fluttering silk scarfs — she’s always the first to arrive when the season starts at our little sea resort. And her expensive perfume blends right into the sea breeze. 

Barbara Herman is the mastermind behind, a blog about vintage perfumery. Next up: her own line of fragrances."



"The Top 25 New Perfumes of the Year" 

"Eris Parfums Night Flower – Barbara Herman is another who has successfully made the leap from enthusiast to creative director. All three of her debut Eris Parfums with perfumer Antoine Lie were excellent but it was Night Flower which really reminded me of how they used to make ‘em."

Grain de Musc:

"Scents of the Year, My Top Picks for 2016"

"Night Flower (Eris Parfums) - If Shalimar tripped into a vat of tonka absolute on its way to party with Poison, their love child would probably smell like Antoine Lie’s Night Flower. The Animalis-driven Ma Bête has been getting most of the love, but Barbara Herman’s spicy, musky leather-petaled blossom has been creeping up on me. The night is dark and full of terrors, isn’t it?"


"Eris Parfums Ma Bête - Best Animalic of 2016"


Brooklyn Fragrance Lover:

"My Favorite Perfume Releases of 2016"


Toronto Start - THE KIT:

"The Coolest Signature Scents Are All Indie Perfumes"

Regarding ERIS PARFUMS' Night Flower Eau de Parfum: 

"In 2014, the perfume universe pleaded and Barbara Herman, connoisseur of vintage fragrances, delivered. Herman, the Brooklyn based author of the blog Yesterday’s Perfume, laments that our taste for animalic accords—once so common in fragrance formulas—has given way to the clean, office-friendly scents of recent decades. She worked with French perfumer Antoine Lie to create a modern update on her beloved muskiness with three vintage-inspired scents. Try Night Flower, with its warm and sultry leather notes set against spicy pepper and dried flowers."


Seasons Project (Russia):

"Animalic Perfumes"


ELLE Croatia:

"Beauty and the Beast"


A Bottled Rose:

"Ma Bête, Night Flower and Belle de Jour by Eris Parfums"


Gloria Glam Magazine:

"The Poet's Daughter, the Collector and the Journalist"


SELF Magazine:

"Spin the Bottle" 

In her quest for a new scent, Jessi Klein, head writer for Inside Amy Schumer and author of You’ll Grow Out Of It, tests out Fall’s latest fragrances—and makes some wild, wonderful (and occasionally weird) discoveries.  

On Ma Bête: "This musk-drenched scent smells so much like sex... it’s take-no-prisoners... if I were single, I’d wear it to a bar in a hot second."


NY Times Fashion & Style Section: 

"We’re Animals, After All"

The clean, minimalist trend in perfumes is giving way to scents that bring out the beast.


ERIS PARFUMS featured in "NEZ: La Revue Olfactive" magazine (Fall / Winter - October 2016) / The Times-Picayune:

"Cool scents for hot nights: 12 fresh new fragrances for late summer and early fall"

Regarding ERIS PARFUMS' "Night Flower" Eau de Parfum: 

"Perfume historian Barbara Herman, author of "Scent and Subversion: Decoding A Century Of Provocative Perfume," recently launched Eris Parfums.

The fragrance line was inspired, in part, by Herman's time spent in New Orleans. Like the Crescent City, Eris’ scents are sexy and fun, but with an edge.

Of the trio of fragrances, Night Flower is our favorite, with its masculine-feminine mix of cardamom and leather, Indian tuberose and a base of patchouli and cinnamon. Night Flower Eau de Parfum, 50 ml, $150, at"

Toronto Star - THE KIT

"Lone Rangers"


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Eris Parfums: Ma Bête, Belle de Jour, Night Flower


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NIGHT FLOWER Eau de Parfum covered in "Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour" Book by Dita Von Teese and Rose Apodaca (Dey Street Books, 2015)


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